There are three upfront costs associated with your larger group Faces for Fundraising Community Art Mosaic project. The first is a startup fee to come through the process. The second is an initial inventory of products you want to resell. The third is a larger mosaic print for permanent display in your school. (2 x 3ft or 3 x 4ft)

1. Startup Fee:
Rights to engage in the Faces for Fundraising Community Art Mosaic project. Creation of your Official Self-Portrait Response Form .pdf to download and print for participants. Scanning, cropping, layout, recoloring, rendering, revisions and other design work for up to 2 mosaics designs.

2. Initial Products:
Initial inventory of core products at a wholesale cost for you to resell at your face to face events or during an intensive 2 week face to face fundraiser.

Choose from two or more of the following minimum products at the minimum quantities:

  • 50 matted prints sized 16 x 20″ – cost: 875.00; resale value: 1750.00
  • 50 rolled prints – cost: 500.00; resale value: 1000.00
  • 100 student prints sized 8 x 10″ – cost: 700.00; resale value: 1400.00
  • 50 note card packs – cost: 350.00; resale value: 600.00

3. One larger mosaic print for permanent display

  • 2 x 3′ print rolled 195.00
  • 3 x 4′ print rolled 250.00
  • Plaque-mounting, framing or other professional finishing (roll banner, etc) available upon request.
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