An Incredible Interactive Art Project!

No cost. It’s simple, easy & fun. Draw and return your self-portraits on our official form and we’ll add them to thousands of others to make a special Faces for Fundraising Mosaic print celebrating your city. It’s unity of diversity at its finest!

Next we’ll give you your own online fundraising page with a gallery of all your colorful, creative self-portraits for family and friends to see – plus a free matted print of the mosaic for your class or group to keep.

Share your online page with the easy social media buttons and watch the donations rise! Donors are rewarded with a unique mosaic print of their city that includes ALL your portraits.

Receive 50% of all funds raised. No cost, no catch, no kidding!

5 Simple Steps:

  • Register your group or class of up to 50 participants
  • Download your drawing form.
  • Draw & Color your self-portraits with crayons, markers or colored pencils.
  • Return drawings as a group.
  • Receive your online fundraising page, with a gallery of all your portraits, share it online.

Register now as a classroom, group, sports team or religious or community group of up to 50 participants for this no-cost fundraiser that celebrates each individual, your group and your city!

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