At Faces for Fundraising™ you literally use your faces for fundraising!

We unite self-portraits drawn by your participants to make incredible mosaic prints for your crowdfunding campaign. Your free self-portrait gallery and crowdfund page leverages the power of social media to share each individual’s creativity and spread the word.


Self-portraits are united into stunning mosaic prints celebrating city landmarks, mascots and other themes. Prints are offered as rewards for campaign donations. These attractive mosaic prints put something beautiful into the community and give donors a unique conversation piece.

Participants are able to search and find their self-portraits online and share them. Social media shares result in an expanded donor base and new sponsorship opportunities. As it spreads there is no limit to the success of your cause. Your whole city will want a collectable mosaic! Visit the sample campaign link to see and example of a crowdfunding page, searchable gallery and social media sharing.

At the close of the campaign a check for proceeds, less preset fees, is made out to your organization. It’s simple easy & fun. Get started today by Registering Here of contacting Brian Nesline at (716) 854-5033