Products are affordable, unique and vary in function – they sell themselves. The payout is great- 50% on nearly all items!

It is easy to imagine that each school parent would want to pre-order either the poster or flat print as a keepsake. In a school of 500 students that equals $1,500.00 – $3,750.00 profit for your school! That’s just the beginning. We also have higher end matted prints and finished items that buyers in your city such as donors, sponsors and businesses; would love to hang on their walls.

It is easy to imagine that people will want to buy meaningful images that celebrate your group and city made from all the creative drawings. This is a fresh fundraising item packed with personal meaning.

Choose a mosaic image that represents your city. A locally loved landmark or iconic architecture is something that the entire city can connect with and rally behind. This expands the sales from school participants to include the ENTIRE CITY – ALL YEAR LONG! Think about this. We are talking BIG profit potential. Plus, with its success we’ll add more images and products regularly. Hundreds of thousands in sales of mosaic merchandise has been sold to date! Your school, business, church or community group would have nearly half of that. This is a product you can feel good about.

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